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Emotional eating is a way of coping with stress. Children under stress may appear to be constantly hungry. In emotional eating, the child is trying to cope with some challenging situation using food to soothe themselves. The anxiety may come from home, school, or a falling out with friends. Madhu Mathur, MD, MPH, of Lifestyle Medicine Center can help you understand your child’s food related issues and then suggest helpful changes. She can guide you to better deal with your child’s challenges so that you can support them. Call Lifestyle Medicine Center today to make an appointment.

Emotional Eating Support Q & A

What is emotional eating?

Emotional eating is the way children comfort themselves when they feel anxious, upset or low. It is a coping mechanism for suppressing anxiety.

How do I know if my child has an emotional eating problem?

Emotional eating often is preceded by a stressful situation. It may be sudden or gradual. You might notice behavior changes. For example, your child may constantly be opening the fridge, or you may find candy wrappers in their room.

If your child is struggling with such issues, then a visit to Lifestyle Medicine Center and Dr. Mathur can be helpful. Dr. Mathur takes the time to talk to you and your child together and separately, using motivational interviewing to gently help your child find solutions.  She is always mindful not to hurt or shame children.

How do I give my child emotional eating support?

Emotional eating support can start with you. Try spending some time with your child. Ask them how they are doing at school, or how they are getting on with friends. With a non judgmental approach, most children will open up.

To find the right balance and to encourage a change in behavior, take advantage of the professional support and advice of Dr. Mathur. Call Lifestyle Medicine Center today to find out more or book an appointment online.