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Adopting healthy living habits strengthens immunity and prevents ill health. However, getting to grips with living more healthily can be a challenge. Madhu Mathur, MD, MPH, of Lifestyle Medicine Center in Stamford, Connecticut, is a pediatrician and expert in childhood obesity who provides advice and support to parents and children on how to live a healthier lifestyle and prevent the problem of obesity. Call Lifestyle Medicine Center today to find out more about healthy living and to book an appointment.

Healthy Living Q & A

What is healthy living?

Healthy living is a practice that places health and well-being at the forefront of life.

At Lifestyle Medicine Center, the approach to helping children who have weight problems is to support change in lifestyle rather than dieting and medication.  Understanding why your child is overweight requires looking at their:

  • Medical history
  • Family background
  • Knowledge of healthy living
  • Lifestyle
  • Eating habits
  • Exercise
  • Blood work analysis
  • Body composition
  • Metabolism

Dr. Mathur analyzes information from all these sources to design a plan that helps you and your child make positive, gradual changes towards a healthier way of living. Involving the family in this process makes it easier for your child to make healthy changes, and that everyone in the family benefits.

What are the best ways to live healthily?

Healthy living is best achieved by making simple changes that are sustainable. These simple changes will keep adding up and steer your family in the right direction.

How do I encourage my child to adopt healthy living habits?

For your child to embrace healthy living, it is best to have a role model. Try leading the way. Thisis hard to start and maintain sometimes, because your child may want to revert to established habits.

Visit Dr. Mathur when you want to start your child’s journey. She can motivate your child and use the most advanced scientific knowledge to craft diet and exercise plans that will encourage your child to start this journey to optimize their health.

To schedule your healthy living consultation, call Lifestyle Medicine Center today, or book an appointment online.