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Madhu Mathur, MD, MPH -  - Pediatric Obesity Medicine

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Madhu Mathur, MD, MPH

Pediatric Obesity Medicine located in Stamford, CT

When you’re contemplating a healthier life, having expert help and advice can make all the difference. Dr. Madhu Mathur, understands that families and children work best one-is-to-one and she brings together her extensive training and skills to encourage simple and sustainable change. Call Lifestyle Medicine Center today and make an appointment with her.

Lifestyle Counselor Q & A

What is a lifestyle counselor?

A Lifestyle counselor is a professional who can help bring about better and healthier habits. Lifestyle is critical to good health. We lead busy, stressful lives and it is not easy to follow through with change. We need help and guidance.

How does a lifestyle counselor help me?

You will learn how to make simple changes at home to promote healthy eating and make physical activity fun!

Dr. Mathur can suggest how to set limits on sedentary activities like playing video games or watching TV. You can make these lifestyle changes while encouraging your child to enjoy themselves and have a positive self-image.

How does a lifestyle counselor help my child?

Working with Dr. Mathur at Lifestyle Medicine Center helps your child reach their potential by:

  • Showing your child how to enjoy being active
  • Helping your child deal with stress
  • Helping you support your child with love and compassion