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Meal planning is about making sure your child follows a pattern of healthy eating, whether they are at home, at school, or out with friends. Madhu Mathur, MD, MPH, of Lifestyle Medicine Center in Stamford, Connecticut, is an expert in childhood obesity and a pediatrician who provides advice and support with healthy meal planning. Call Lifestyle Medicine Center today to make an appointment.

Meal Planning Q & A

What is meal planning?

Meal planning is a way of ensuring that your child gets meals that are tasty, nutritious and balanced.

Why should I plan?

By planning, you make sure that the meal is balanced, and has variety. This will allow you ample time for shopping and meal prepping. Eating at home is an area over which you have the most control, so you must use this opportunity.

How should I plan for meals at home?

Think of your child’s favorite foods. Try to offer something your child likes at each meal. If it is a protein or carbohydrate, balance the meal and add vegetables. Dr. Mathur’s meal plans give you plenty of options to mix and match.

She shares recipes and cooking advice that involves your child in the meal planning and cooking so that they enjoy what they eat.

How about snacks?

Snacks are mini-meals. Easy to eat fruits like bananas and apples or chopped fruits or vegetables make great snacks.

Dr. Mathur also shows your child how to make their own healthy and tasty snacks, which will keep them involved and motivated.

How do I plan what my child eats outside the home?

Talk about what the evening or outing will be like. Encourage and gently suggest healthier options. Try offering a regular meal before they leave the house.