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Madhu Mathur, MD, MPH

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Understanding the importance of proper nutrition is essential in making sure your child is healthy and maintains their ideal weight. Madhu Mathur, MD, MPH, of Lifestyle Medicine Center in Stamford, Connecticut, is a childhood obesity expert, and she has a highly-qualified dietician on staff who can provide customized nutritional plans for your child to keep them healthy when they need to lose weight. Arrange a nutritional consultation for your child by calling Lifestyle Medicine Center today, or book an appointment online.

Nutritional Consultation Q & A

What is a nutritional consultation?

A nutritional consultation is an appointment at which you and your child discuss your current diet with a trained dietician. The dietician at Lifestyle Medicine Center has specific expertise in making sure your child is eating the foods they need to achieve optimum health while managing any required weight loss. Dieticians also make sure your child has the skills they need to make healthy eating decisions long-term.

A nutritional consultation is an important first step for anyone wishing to follow a medical weight loss plan, or who has diet-related conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. While conditions like these are more common in older people, rising rates of obesity in children mean that there are also more cases of conditions like type 2 diabetes among children.

What role does nutrition play in weight control?

Nutrition is a vital element of weight control, as poor nutrition can lead to overeating, slowed metabolism, and health problems that make it harder for your child to be physically active.

For example, eating high-quality protein is an essential requirement for everyone, but as they need it for growth and development, children should be eating more protein. If they’re not getting enough protein, their growth could be affected, meaning they don’t develop at a rate that equals their weight gain.

Protein is also the food that satisfies hunger for the longest, whereas children who eat sweet, sugary foods are likely to start feeling hungry again much more quickly.

Proper nutrition is the basis of health, preventing disease and boosting vitality and mood. If your child’s nutrition is lacking in any way, this inevitably affects how they feel and how well they function. By optimizing their nutritional intake, you’re ensuring they have the fundamental building blocks of good health.

What happens at a nutritional consultation?

At your nutritional consultation, the dietician takes detailed information from you and your child about your eating habits and anything that could have an impact on your diet and nutrition. They also run tests to determine your child’s current nutritional status so they can see if there are any deficiencies in your child’s diet.

The dietician at Lifestyle Medicine Center needs to understand your child’s lifestyle and how you live as a family in order to create a personalized diet plan. Once they have the information they need, they can design a plan that addresses any nutritional imbalance and ensures your child is receiving exactly the right nutrients for healthy growth and weight control.

To arrange a meeting for your child with the dietician, call Lifestyle Medicine Center today, or book an appointment online.